Windows Phone now has 9.2% marketshare in the EU5, according to Kantar

Kantar’s numbers for the 3 months ending in April 2015 are out today. We get another glimpse of how Windows Phone is performing in Europe, Australia and the USA.

On a whole, Windows Phone marketshare remained relatively stable , capturing 9.2 percent of the EU5 marketshare going as high as 13.3 percent in Italy and as low as 2.5 percent in Spain. In the US marketshare neither increased, nor did it drop. It remained steady at a paltry 3.8 percent. Notably, the US is also the only first world country where there has not been a Lumia flagship device for 2 years now.

Compared to last month’s numbers ending March 2015, in EU5 Windows Phone is down to 9.2% from 9.9%.

Aside from the EU5 and the USA Kantar also provided us with a look at Japan, Australia and China. In Australia Windows commands a respectful 7.7%, up from 6.7 % at the same period last year. We would be remiss to mention that as with the EU5 this number is dominated by devices like the 930 and 1020 according to Ad duplex’s numbers. In China and Japan however, Windows Phone is at 1.0 and 0.2 percent there respectively.  This is both good and bad news. Good news because it indicates that Windows Phone is still growing in both countries even with the continued growth of the smartphone market. However, even with Microsoft making deals with OEMs and launching China specific features such as Xiao Na, it is still not enough to push the OS to where It needs to be.

Kantar gives advice in their blogpost, mainly meant for Android, but the same applies to Windows as well. A flagship hero device is still needed as quickly as possible. As Apple and Google race to consolidate their hold on consumers, Microsoft would need to turn the spotlight back to itself and create desire and not affordability in future smartphones to lure consumers over.

kantar april 2015

See last month’s numbers here.

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