Windows Phone Mango Bluetooth stack updated, but not much

Design Name Windows Phone 7
Subsetted Designs
Date Created Type PICS
Apr 5, 2011 Main PICS
Member Company Microsoft Corporation
Specification Name 2.1+EDR
Design Model Number Windows Phone 7
Hardware Version Number N/A
Software Version Number 7.5
Qualification Assessment Date June/05/2011
Listing Date June/05/2011
Design Description Mobile Phone Operating System
Product Type Host Subsystem
Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Headset Profile Audio Gateway (AG)
Headset Profile v1.1
Service Discovery Protocol  
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol  
Generic Access Profile  
Serial Port Profile  
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol AVCTP 1.0 Target
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile AVRCP 1.3 Target
Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile Acceptor
Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol Acceptor
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP 1.2
Source (SRC)
Hands-Free Profile Audio Gateway (AG)
CVSD audio coding over SCO
Hands-Free Profile 1.5
Phone Book Access Profile PSE
Host Controller Interface  

Microsoft has updated the Bluetooth stack in Windows Phone 7.5, with the new stack receiving Bluetooth SIG approval on the 5th June 2011.

New is Hand-Free Profile 1.5, which should mean better support for Bluetooth car kits. Also updated is the AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Protocol) from version 1.0 to 1.3, which brings track and other meta-data information transmission and playback status information (paused, stopped, etc).

Unfortunately it still does not bring the stack up to even iOS 4 level, which supports Personal Area Network (PAN) profile, often used of peer to peer multi-player gaming and Human Interface Device Profile, used for Bluetooth keyboards and controllers.

See the profile at the Bluetooth SIG here.