Windows Phone holds steady in USA for 3rd month in run up to Windows Phone 8 release

US installed base5.
Percent loss0.

The latest Comscore numbers are out, and this month there is no change from the 3.6% market share compared to the previous 3 month period ending August.

This would be the 3rd month on a row the percentage settled on 3.6, which represents an increase in the number of Windows Phone users due to the growing market.

At 3.6% in September, there are now 4,295,000 Windows Phone/ Windows Mobile users in USA, an increase of 100,000 users a month earlier.

Like last month the improvement may be due to discounting of current Windows Phone stock in USA, a strategy which has been surprisingly effective at moving Windows Phone stock.

We will have to see what will happen in October, but November is certain to see a sharp increase in Windows Phone users in USA.

See the full data at Comscore here.