Windows Phone holds 6% market share on Vodacom in South Africa, growing strongly


Carrier Vodacom in South Africa is unusual in regularly releasing statistics regarding market share of smartphones on their network.

In today’s release they revealed that they have 377,000 Windows Phones on their network, making up 6% of the 6.4 million smartphones on the carrier.

South Africa is still unusual in being dominated by Blackberry, but this is rapidly changing as sales drop and the number of devices in circulation decrease.

  Sep-13 Mar-14 Growth
Blackberry              3,100,000           3,030,000 -2%
Android              1,450,000           2,190,850 34%
iOS                 650,000              785,000 17%
Windows Phone                 270,000              377,000 28%
Total              5,470,000           6,382,850 14%

Of note is that the above numbers are installed base numbers, and that while 6% of smartphones on Vodacom are Windows Phones, market share is probably closer to the European norm of 10%.

Hopefully the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1 and a new generation of handsets will see further growth.

Via and NPU