Windows Phone Head: “Android is… kind of a mess”, Microsoft Is Focused On Getting 200 Million Phones A Year


Microsoft’s Windows Phone Engineering head Terry Myerson took stage at ATD’s Dive Into Mobile today. In the interview, he discussed lots of things about Windows Phone. Here are some interesting stuff,

  • When asked about Facebook Home announcement as People centric phone he replied that “Our partnership with Facebook will grow as Facebook Home grows.”. And later answered about Facebook Home on Windows Phone as follows,

    “Chatheads… is a great platform feature to offer. I think we’re going to want to work with them. Our goal is to create a platform so our partners can achieve differentiation.”

  • When asked whether Microsoft will develop their own Windows Phone device, he replied that Microsoft will offer a phone only when they think Nokia or HTC was not providing the consumer experience Windows Phone needs.

    “Our partnership with our current hardware partners, it’s actually going quite well. No one hears about the progress in Poland or Mexico or Italy. For where we’re at right now, the focus is to really get to 200 million phones a year through the current model.”

  • When asked about Windows Phone market share and future growth, he answered that Microsoft is currently more focused on mid-range and low-end devices as opposed to $650 device. They are gaining good traction in countries like Italy, Finland, etc,.

    “Well, we’re a global business. I think of Windows Phone as being an incredibly well-funded startup… we need to be successful somewhere before we can be successful everywhere.”

  • Microsoft is looking to offer more differentiated experience for consumers with Xbox, Office, etc,. And they are going to work with their current hardware partners to achieve their goal.
  • On Google’s reaction to Facebook Home,

    “I think there’s probably a whole team at Google trying to figure out how to lock Facebook Home out of Android, their ‘open’ platform.”

  • When asked about lack of apps, he said 48 of the top 50 apps are already on Windows Phone platform and commented about competition as the following,

    “At the same time, our unique experience comes from the built-in features. With iPhone, I sense urgency. With iOS 5, [Apple] just added a fifth row of icons. Android is… kind of a mess. Look at Samsung — there’s clearly mutiny going on. The only OEM making money off of Android is Samsung.”

Source: ATD

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