Windows Phone has its first hands free camera app with face tracking and autofocus

Intellicam Intellicam

A Swiss company Outcoder today released Intellicam, a feature packed camera app which is all about taking great photos while letting you be in the shot.

It is the first and only windows phone camera app that uses face recognition technology to focus on the people in your photo. Intellicam allows users to take control of the phone’s camera using only their voice.

  • include yourself in the photo and take as many shots as you like completely stress free; there is no need to try to beat any timers
  • integrates with the phone’s built-in camera app
  • take multiple shots without touching the phone
  • use just your voice to activate the lens
  • Auto-Snap feature that periodically takes a photo if it identifies a face in the view finder. Great for self-portrait photos.

Intellicam is available now on the Windows Phone Store for free.

To download the app from the Windows Phone Store here.