Windows Phone has 8.3% of Russian market, neck and neck with the iPhone

Russia-c.jpgWhile Windows Phone only had around 3% market share worldwide in Q1 2013, in some regions the OS is doing a lot better.

One of those is Russia, and the IDC reports that in Q1 2013 Windows Phone had 8.3% market share there, up from 5.1% a year ago.

This number was pretty close to that of the iPhone, which had 8.4% market share, down from last year.

Symbian suffered the biggest drop, from 33.7% of the market last year to only 1.9%, while Android filled the gap with 70.9% of the market.

While more than 60% YoY growth is good news for Windows Phone, the report had even better news – Prospective buyers were asked which OS they were interested in for their next smartphone.

Just over 50 percent said Android, 25.3 percent want a Windows phone, and 16.8 percent are interested in an iPhone.

In total 3.81 million smartphones were sold in Russia in Q1, up from 2.26 million a year.