Windows Phone had 2% market share in Q3 2012, still the fastest growing mobile OS


The IDC have released their shipment numbers for Q3 2012, and found that only 3.6 million Windows Phones were shipped in Q3 2012.  This number is less than the 3.7 million which Nokia said they shipped, making it somewhat suspect. If we accept it however it still gives Windows Phone only 2% market share in the last quarter.  While this still leaves Windows Phone in 5th position, with Android and iOS it is the only growing mobile OS, with Blackberry, Symbian, Linux and ”Other” (presumably including Bada, Meego etc) all falling in market share. It is also the fastest growing OS, gaining 140% compared to the last year.

With the launch of a new generation of Windows Phone handsets this quarter, we expect a good rebound in these numbers, but obviously still from a very low base.