Windows Phone estimated to have 7% of Russian market share in 2012, 15,000 NL 920’s sold



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Euroset, Russia’s largest mobile phone retailer, has shared some market intelligence with Hi-Tech Mail.Ru.

The information does not only cover their operation, but the whole Russian market, which is about 12-13 million smartphones big in 2012.

They report that they believed Windows Phones took 7% of Russia’s market in 2012, up from 6% in 2011. That translate into about 1 million Windows Phones sold that year.

Nokia itself is believed to have taken 14.6% of the Russian smartphone market in the November/December holiday period, with around 15,000 Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones being sold then, making up 10.1% of all all Nokia smartphones for that period.

As the above graph from Adduplex showing market share of individual handsets in Russia from early January shows, unlike in USA where the NL 920 quickly took the top Windows Phone position in the market, the NL 920 has only made a limited impact, likely limited by a high price in what is a very price sensitive market.

It is likely that the release of cheaper devices like the Nokia Lumia 620 and new cheaper Windows Phones by Huawei will  help move the market more.

Thanks Diskin and Feddie for the tip.

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