Windows Phone driven “smart bag tag” now in active trails with British Airways

bagtag640_large_verge_medium_landscape reports that British Airways has started testing new “smart bag tags” at Terminal 5 at Heathrow using employees from Microsoft and a special version of the British Airways app for Windows Phone.

The digital bag tag,  pictured above,  contains all a customer’s baggage details, and could eventually do away with the need for a new paper tag every time you fly.

The testers will use Nokia Lumia handsets to  check in, chose their seat and obtain their mobile boarding pass. The special British Airways app will then be able to update the smart bag tag with a unique barcode, containing new flight details and an easy-to-see view of their bag’s destination – simply by holding the phone over it.

This will save check-in time, and means already tagged bags can simple be dropped off at a central sorting location rather than at check-in desks.

The personalised digital bag tags were specially developed by British Airways, in partnership with Densitron Displays, and Designworks Windsor, and are intended for use over multiple trips and has a battery life of over 5 years.

Glenn Morgan, British Airways’ head of service transformation, said: “The customer trials take us another step closer to making the personalised digital bag tag a reality for our customers. We’re grateful for Microsoft’s support during the trial, which will help us shape the future of checking in for flights.

“British Airways has a long history of innovation. The digital bag tag is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to developing new technology and holds the promise of making checking in for flights even quicker and smoother.”

Anand Krishnan, general manager, developer and platform group, Microsoft Ltd, said: “Working with British Airways to help shape the future of one of the company’s key customer experiences is something we’re very proud to be involved in.

“With Windows Phone at the heart of the project we look forward to learning more about how our mobile devices and services can be part of this innovative trial to enhance the airport check in experience”.

If successful it would be great to see a new innovation work from the start on Windows Phone, rather than having to wait months or years to arrive on our platform.