Windows Phone closing in on Symbian in Finland



Author Surur // in News


The latest Statcounter Daily usage charts show Windows Phone closing in on Symbian in Finland, with Symbian usage dropping and Windows Phone usage rising to more than 12%.

Of course the drop in Symbian usage would be useless to Nokia if it was not compensated for  by an increase in Windows Phone sales, else it would be worse than a zero-sum game for Nokia.

The cyan line 3rd from the top on the graph however indicates that the rise in Windows Phone has more than compensated for the drop in other Nokia platforms, with Nokia’s combined platforms edging up to close to and occasionally above 30%.

Interestingly Android use has also edged up, while iPhone use has seen a dramatic drop.

Of course Finland is a pretty special case for Nokia and especially Windows Phone, but we hope eventually this will be replicated elsewhere in the world also.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

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