Windows Phone breaks 3% browser market share in Finland, taking share for iOS and Android


We have been keeping a close eye on the progress of Windows Phone since the launch of the Nokia Lumia series, and the one area where is seems to have had the biggest impact is Nokia’s home base, Finland.

There we have seen a dramatic rise in the installed base of Windows Phone, as measured by Statcounter (the only source which provides real world day by day stats).

Since the launch of the Lumia 800 the installed base has more than trebled, passing all of the other minor league operating systems such as Meego, Meamo and Linux.

More interesting is that Windows Phone appears to be taking market share from iOS, Android and Symbian, with all three operating systems showing a drop.

Date iOS Android SymbianOS Windows Phone
2012-05 37.97 34.2 21.94 1.55
2012-06 37.71 34.03 21.5 2.59
2012-07 37.48 33.96 21.37 3.06

Red = drop, Green = gain

Obviously we hope that this performance can be replicated all round the world, but the trend for Europe overall is certainly going in the right direction, which is more than can be said for Blackberry, Symbian, or Bada.


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Of note is that Hitlinks’s data (which is only updated monthly) confirms the same steady increase worldwide.


Hopefully this will be a case of slow but steady wins the race, but of course I would not mind seeing the same sharp upward swing in Finland replicated elsewhere.