Windows Phone app offers control of Phillips Hue home automation system



Oni: Light Control Walkthrough - Color your lights to match your mood. Windows Phone - Philips Hue

f3967f1a-131a-4ee7-8b71-156fb3157598Oni: Light Control is a Windows Phone app which allows one to control the Phillips Hue light home automation system, previously only compatible with iPhones and iPads.

The app is pretty full featured, offering not only voice control, but also the ability to set the hue of the light bulbs from pictures in your photo hub.

Setup also appears incredibly easy.

The only real issue is the cost of the whole setup – the Phillips Hue starter system is $278.99 on Amazon, which comes with 3 light bulbs, and each additional light is $109.99.

On the other hand home automation is never cheap, and is a great way of turning your house into another gadget to play with.

The app itself is $3.99 with a free trial and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Read more at here.

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