Windows Phone App Challenge from Microsoft Ireland

wpchMicrosoft is pretty straight forward in their view on 3rd party Applications for their WP7 Platform.They really need them for their success.Since the announcement of their reboot from Windows Mobile at MWC this year,they have been promoting WP7 Application development in various ways.They conducted various competitions around the world for Students,Indie Developers,Start-ups.They also arranged many fire starter developer sessions around the world.Even we recently blogged about this.Check out here.The latest is the challenge from Microsoft Ireland.Here is the prize details.

  • Grand Prize – 5000 Euro
  • Audience Choice – 2000 Euro
  • Best Student App – 1000 Euro
  • Best Professional App –1000 Euro

Along with this all winners will also receive brand new Xbox 360 Elite and 12 month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

If you are a Windows Phone App developer,Sign up soon at the following website.