Windows Phone achieves 16% market share in Italy in full Kantar October numbers



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Kantar has now released the full set of numbers for the 3 months ending October, and despite the arrival of the iPhone in late September in many markets the numbers generally read as pretty good for Windows Phone.

The OS has hit new highs in Italy, France, UK and Spain, hitting a record 16.1% of the Italian smartphone market, and soundly outselling the iPhone there which had only 10.1%.  Of note however is that the new iPhone only hit Italy on the 25th October, which likely depressed its sales.

In UK the OS hit 11.9%, and in France a record 12.5%, double its market share from last year, and a mere 3.4% from iOS’s share over the same period. Of note is that the same excuse does not apply there, as the iPhone 5S was released there on the 20th September.

Windows Phone also seems to have finally gained some traction in Spain, where it hit 4.3% of the market, the same as iOS. There was also some improvement from the recent dismal numbers in China, where its now 3.5% of the market, compared to 2.5% last month.  USA has also rebounded somewhat, and the OS has now hit 4.8% of the market there.

Germany was one market where Windows Phone share was down unexpectedly, from 8.5% last month to 6.3% in October, but given the German market’s preference for high end handsets it may be that they are waiting for the Nokia Lumia 1520.

In EU5 Windows Phone now has 10.2% share of the smartphone market, only 5.6% shy of iOS’s 15.8%, and given the iPhone’s surprisingly poor showing so far this holiday season, and Windows Phone’s unexpected resilience, I suspect we will see the Windows Phone overtake iOS in EU sooner than we expected.

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See last month’s full numbers here.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

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