Windows Phone accused of being a passionless OS

James Kendrick from ZDNet has posted an editorial where he accused Windows Phone of being competent but unexciting.

Claiming the Windows Phone UI lacked “pizzazz” and did not “stimulates the geek” in him like the super-customizable Android, which made him feel each Android device was made just for him, or the folders in iOS (!?!) which he found a “joy to use”, he found scrolling down a long start page particularly disheartening.

James extends his disquiet about the Metro user interface further, saying:

This could spell trouble for Windows 8 with the Metro interface. The more I use Windows 8 the more I feel the same as I do Windows Phone. It works fine but doesn’t float my boat. The Metro interface looks fine, but it doesn’t excite me in any way. Maybe this will change with time, I feel strange having no passion using a gadget. A passionless platform is foreign to me and I don’t like the feeling, or lack of it.

Metro was designed for those who see beauty in purity of form and design, without extraneous and fake decorations such as drop shadows or leather textures. While James may not see the UI as exciting, the high customer satisfaction AND usage rates I think prove that those who do in fact give the OS a real chance most often tend to love it.

Do our readers think James has a point, and the lack of cheap visual pizzazz such as live backgrounds are hurting Windows Phone sales, or are countries like Finland, where Windows Phone is zooming up the charts, proof that Windows Phone has what it takes to go mass market? Let us know below.