Windows Phone 8 to launch as early as December in China


In the last round of devices China had to wait 6 months after the launch of Mango to get new Windows Phone 7.5 handsets.

It seems the wait is set to be a lot shorter this time around, with WPDang reporting that they expect the new range of Windows Phone 8 handsets to launch in the 3rd week of December.

They expect carrier announcements to follow Microsoft’s official unveil of Windows Phone 8 in October, and expect handsets to show up on both China Unicom (WCDMA) and China Telecom (TD-SCDMA), courtesy of the very versatile Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip (MSM8960) processor, which provides wide support for these protocols.

China has become an increasingly important smartphone market recently, currently being the largest in the world, with Digitimes reporting the minimum entry-level spec for a smartphone in the region is now a Dual-core processor with a 4 inch screen.

Read more at WPDang here.