Windows Phone 8 Feature Specifics Leaked ?

Pocketnow claims that a video appearing Joe Belfiore intended for partners at Nokia revealed no.of Windows Phone 8 features.

Here is a summary of them,

  • Hardware- Windows Phone 8 will support Multicore processors, Four screen resolutions (actual pixel counts weren’t specified), and removable microSD card storage. There will also be support for NFC as well.
  • Platform-  Windows Phone 8 will allow developers “reuse — by far — most of their code” from Windows 8 and vice versa in their apps. Also Microsoft is planning for richer version of ActiveSync as a replacement for Zune client.
  • App Platform extension- Windows Phone 8 will support app-to-app communication, native Skype integration and allows camera app to be skinned by OEM’s. Windows Phone 8 will also add native code support.
  • Data Management – Windows Phone 8 will feature DataSmart, which aims to reduce, and simplify the tracking of, data usage. The phone will automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots when available and Bing Local scout can display local hotspots in maps.
  • Internet Explorer – Microsoft is planning for server side compression technique as used in Opera Mini, Kindle Fire Silk ,etc, .
  • Enterprise Support- Windows Phone 8 will get native BitLocker encryption .

Among the above features few surprises me as we are expecting most of the above. First, I doubt the “Four screen resolutions ” support that will make developers job hard for making applications. Second, the new Internet Explorer 10 featuring server side compression. I want an option to use normal mode and compressed mode! Third, the support for native code in Windows Phone 8. I don’t think Microsoft will support more than allowing C++ code in the platform that will make app porting easier for developers.

Anyway, If we get Apollo in September timeframe, it would be cool! What do you think ?

Read more of the above in detail at Pocketnow.

Update: Post updated with more info.