Windows Phone 8 SDK enters Release Candidate stage

Summer ended nearly a month ago.

If there is any doubt that Microsoft is cutting it close to the wire the latest news that the Windows Phone 8 DSK is only now entering release candidate status is plenty of confirmations.

Microsoft has said they wish to keep the Windows Phone 8 SDK secret so as not to reveal unannounced features of the new OS.  We have however been tipped that Microsoft is only now releasing a Release Candidate for the SDK to select developers, which finally allows Windows Phone 7.5 apps to be published and Windows Phone 8 apps when that market opens.

At least the SDK is nearly in its final version, which hopefully means a release on the same day as Windows Phone 8 is publically unveiled. While some have portrayed this delay as a disaster it of course merely meant that there will be few Windows Phone 8-specific apps in Marketplace on launch, which is hardly a disaster with around 120,000 Windows Phone 7 apps in the store.

Thanks to our tipster.