Windows Phone 8 PEGI compliant, iOS not.


31, 2012

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PEGI has just become the legally enforceable rating standard in UK, making it an offence to sell games to minors below the age rating of the game.

Windows Phone 7 already supports PEGI Express, and UKIE president Jo Twist told Digital Spy that Windows Phone 8 will also support the rating system.

“Windows 8 Mobile has already signed up to use PEGI Express, to include their apps under the ratings system. So I think that’s a big move, and once one platform holder like that goes down that line, hopefully others will follow,” Twist said.

PEGI ratings are available for Android apps, but do not appear to be natively supported by the OS, while iOS uses its own rating system.

“I think there is a challenge in terms of the many different devices and platforms and the way in which people are playing games,” she said.

“A lot of games that you still buy in a shop that have a PEGI rating, or buy online or download online, have got the PEGI rating, or those that have an online extension, which would be rated under the same system.  Apple has their own approval system and it would be great if PEGI became the single system for all platforms one day.”

Twist said the digital ratings system is being “extended” and hopes that PEGI will be used as the single rating system for all platforms, including Apple’s iOS.

PEGI was also backed by a member of the European Parliament when the debate began in 2009.

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