Windows Phone 8 Local Scout adds new filters

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Local Scout is one of the little gems of Windows Phone which not a lot of people know about, but which should get  a lot more credit.

Microsoft did not make huge changes to the feature in Windows Phone 8, except to include WIFI hotspots, but Eshy on Reddit has noticed one new feature of the app.

From the leaked Windows Phone 8 emulator he has noticed that users can now specify what kind of cuisine shows up in the Eat and Drink tab, handy if you only live on bagels.

There is now also an option to only show places that are open (again very sensible) and only places that offer deals.

The only thing really which I believe is missing from Local Scout is automatic notifications which would not require one to open the app, but given that Apple is currently being sued by Google/Motorola for their geo-fencing location reminders API this is probably best left out.