Windows Phone 8-like start screen hacked onto the Nokia Lumia 710



Lumiatrix Lumia 710 custom rom wp8 start screen

We have seen a Windows Phone 8 Start screen simulated, and we know it will be coming to all Windows Phones with Windows Phone 7.8, but it seems impatient Nokia Lumia 710 owners will not have to wait that long.

Vova1609 over at XDA-Developers has cooked a custom ROM for the Nokia Lumia 710 featuring his own Windows Phone 8 Tiles app, which adds the smaller tiles to the Windows Phone 7.5 start screen.

His ROM also has numerous other features, which can be seen in the video after the break.

Nokia Lumia 710 Custom Rom LUMIATRIX 4.2

Despite all of the great features of the ROM, we suggest regular users wait until the delivery of the official Windows Phone 7.8 update, which will hopefully have a few surprises of its own.

Via Windows Phone

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