Windows Phone 8 license fee could drop to $6/handset

imagePCMag reports that Microsoft may be preparing to drop the price of a Windows Phone license as much as 70%.

The news come via the CEO of Infosonics Joseph Ram, who said:

“We’re hearing Microsoft will drop the license fee quite a bit, as far as 70 percent, which will make their product more competitive in terms of price.”

Infosonics makes the line of Verykool handsets, which are sold in Latin America and also unlocked in USA.

“We’re seeing trends that Microsoft is working with major chipmakers to create the right ecosystem to be able to bring cheaper products to market,” Ram said. “It’s not going to be so difficult to bring an equally-priced product [to Android] with a Windows OS.”

The move may explain the arrival of low-cost OEMs like Longcheer and Gionee in China, and Karbonn and Xolo in India, who were recently announced as Windows Phone partners at Mobile World Congress 2014.

A Windows Phone 8 license is said to cost between $50 and $30, and a 70% drop could see the license cost as little as $6-$10.

Of course Android is still completely free, and making Windows Phone cheap seems like a half-measure.

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