Windows Phone 8 has another Storage bug, and its not Other Storage


27, 2013

Developer Kevin Gosse has discovered Windows Phone 8 has another bug which could potentially rob phone users of storage.

He discovered a bug in the  MediaLibrary.SavePicture andMediaLibrary.SavePictureToCameraRoll which meant that photo apps who saved pictures to the camera roll would effectively save another copy to the Isolated Storage off the app.

In Kevin’s case this mean this app Imageboard Browser’s isolated storage grew to several hundred megabytes, even when the app itself was only a few megabytes big.

The bug only occurs when JPG’s are downloaded and saved and not PNGs, and was shown to work in the emulator and also actual devices. It did not occur in Windows Phone 7.

The issue is separate from the Other storage bug which would result in an area set aside for system temporary files to grow, although one wonders if they are related and the underlying bug is the same.

Fortunately in this case developers can fix the effect of the issue themselves, by looking for and deleting the temporary file, which has the same name as the saved file, but with JPG appended to it.

Users who use Nokia’s Storage utility and find they have photo apps which appear to grow for no reason should contact developers, and developers can read about the issue here.


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