Windows Phone 8 GDR2 finally fixes kb2464593 storage card issue

Windows Phone 8 users who work in an enterprise setting and who received the GDR2 update may want to try and connect to their Exchange Server again if they have so far been banned from the network.

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 finally fixes a long-standing issue documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base article kb2464593:

When the policy parameter Require Encryption on Storage Card is enabled, Windows Phone 8 devices misreport the presence of an SD card, even if the device has no SD card slot. The policy enforcement occurs, provisioning fails, and the device cannot be synchronized.

According to MSDN topic (RequireStorageCardEncryption) about the policy parameter, if the policy parameter is present but the device does not support removable storage, the parameter should be ignored, and the device should be able to synchronize.

The update was meant to be fixed in “a future software update” and regular reader A2J was able to confirm with some testing that GDR2 does indeed address this long-standing issue, which saw the Nokia Lumia 920 banned for having a phantom unencrypted storage card for example.

Windows Phone 8 still needs to go a lot further for full support of standards used in enterprise, for example not supporting EAP-TLS properly when tested, but at least we are starting to see issues such as these being addressed.

Thanks A2J for the tip.