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We already know that Windows Phone 8 will have a new Lens apps that will extend camera features in Windows Phone 8 devices. The leaked Windows Phone 8 documents revealed the following information about the new Lens apps. Developers will have real time access to phone’s video stream, allows access to Multiframe capture, Camera parameter configuration, such as ISO speed and exposure, etc,.

In Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Developer Preview, you can create a lens that appears in the Windows Phone built-in camera app. A lens provides the user a consistent entry point into the viewfinder of your app. It is a type of extensibility available to apps that provide unique camera functionality via the camera APIs. As a lens, your app provides the user with a viewfinder experience and interacts with the camera directly. For example, a bar code reader lens would present a viewfinder to display the bar code that it’s going to scan.

Lenses shown in the lens picker also are listed in Marketplace in their standard app categories. Although a lens must provide a viewfinder experience when launched from the lens button, the app can provide other experiences, too. For example, you might create a productivity app that displays a panorama control when a user starts it from the App list. But when a user starts the app from the lens picker, it displays a viewfinder.

When a user taps a lens in the lens picker, the corresponding app is launched via a deep link URI. The deep link URI targets the corresponding app and includes the string ViewfinderLaunch to indicate that the app is to be launched as a lens. Apps can use the deep link URI to recognize a lens launch.

After opening a lens, the user can tap the hardware Back button to return to the built-in Camera app.

The improved UI for camera app extensions should allow more apps to take advantage of the feature and make it easier for users to discern which apps add which features.

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