Windows Phone 8 business features enumerated

Paul Thurrott from the Windows ITPro has listed the new Windows Phone 8 features which will make it a compelling business phone

Device encryption. Full Bitlocker encryption which works with both internal storage and removable micro-SD-based storage and Secure Boot which protects the device against root-kit-type malware before the OS loads at boot time. This has been the number one feature which has prevented Windows Phone 7 users from joining the enterprise network, as it did not comply with this basic security feature of being secure at rest.

Micro-SD expansion. Windows Phone 8 will formally support removable micro-SD storage expansion. And because Windows Phone 8 is Windows 8, those cards will be formatted with NTFS and can be moved between devices and PCs for information transfer. Users and business will be able to install apps to the memory card instead of to internal storage, as well.

Device management. In addition to providing full EAS compatibility, Windows Phone 8, like Windows RT, will support a new management scheme that sits somewhere in the middle of Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP)functionally.

Side-loading of apps. Enterprises will finally be able to deploy their own internal apps to devices without having to go through Microsoft’s online store. (It’s expected that Windows Intune, which can currently side-load apps to iOS and Android devices, will pick up this capability for Windows Phone 8 as well.) This feature, combined with Native Code, will mean businesses will be able to trust their proprietary business logic to a Windows Phone, whereas before they had to post their application to marketplace in a high level interpreted language which could easily be decompiled.

Office 2013 Mobile. Windows Phone 8 will ship with a new suite of Office 2013 mobile apps.

Thurrott notes there are numerous other features such as Windows 8 and Skype integration which makes the phone very compelling

Developers creating Line of Business Applications will also finally be able to easily port their business logic easily from Windows, Windows Mobile and even the iPhone.  It appears Microsoft has finally answered all of the objections enterprise customers had to adopting the OS. Hopefully this will soon be followed by a groundswell of actual adoption also.

Read more detail at the Windows It Pro here.

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