Windows Phone 8 adaptions to Phablet-sized screens demoed (video)



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Nokia Lumia 1520 vs 925 - 1080p screen vs 768p screen

Many people, including ourselves, have been disappointed  by the minimal adaptations Microsoft has made to Windows Phone to support large screens.

AllAboutWindowsPhone have posted a video demonstrated the changes side by side with the Nokia Lumia 925, and while it is true that most screens only show slightly more content, there are also improvements in legibility of small text due to the large screen which I think overall means a better experience than simply displaying everything at half the size.

AAWP concludes:

What can be seen from the video and screenshots above is that the way Microsoft has optimised Windows Phone 8 for display on large screen devices is relatively subtle….

Some of this is no doubt down to necessity. There is a limit to the amount of changes that can be made in a relatively minor software release. However, the variations in the way the bigger screen has been used (scaling, zooming, UI adjustments) does show Microsoft has put significant thought into the optimisations. It’s not just a simple matter of making everything bigger, or displaying more information, rather it is a marriage of the two.

The end result is a software experience that is optimised around emphasising a large screen smartphone experience. This can be contrasted with large screen smartphones, where an out sized screen feels like a means to an end.

Read more and see more screen shots at AAWP here.

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