Windows Phone 8.1 update rolling out to Vodafone Australia in 2-4 weeks



Author Surur // in News


Many readers are anxiously awaiting news of when the official Windows Phone 8.1 update is rolling out, with 95% of users still on WP8, according to AdDuplex data.

According to Australian Windows Phone blogger Paul Chapman Vodafone Australia users will not have much longer to wait, with the update coming to their phones in “mid to end of June”, presumably 2014.

The update will also bring support for Datasense in to Vodafone Australia, which will allow Windows Phone users to not just track their data usage, but also to employ compression proxies via Microsoft which could dramatically reduce their data usage bill.

The news also of course has implications for the rest of our readers – while Australia is a day in the future, it does suggest the rest of us will also not have to wait much longer either.

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