Windows Phone 8.1 update rolling out in early July in India




While we know that the Windows Phone 8.1 update dates will be largely carrier dependent, in placed like India much of the market is unlocked and SIM-free handsets, meaning things are much less clear cut.

It seems Microsoft however has a clear date for when they will start pushing out the update to the subcontinents’ Windows Phones.

According to the official Microsoft India twitter account the update will roll out to existing Windows Phone users during the first 2 weeks of July, which is of course pretty soon.

This will of course bring along a host of Windows Phone 8.1 goodies, including the Action Centre, IE 11 with desktop sync and password manager, access to the file system and more. See the official feature list here.

Hopefully the timing is reflective of what we will see in the rest of the world, particularly for SIM-free handsets like my 920.


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