Windows Phone 8.1 Related Announcement Coming In June?


30, 2013

There are reports emerging on the internet today that Microsoft is going to make some Windows Phone 8 related announcement in June. The reports were based on an unofficial twitter account @windowsphone8 tweeted the following,

Like Windows Phone now? It gets better. More to share in June.

We think the above can be true only for developers. As far as we know, Microsoft is not planning to reveal any Windows Phone 8.1 consumer features next month. However, we expect Microsoft to reveal some Windows Phone 8.1 platform related developer story at BUILD conference in late June. Microsoft is going to reveal no.of new Windows 8.1 developer APIs which includes Bluetooth 4, via RFComm and Bluetooth Low Energy via the GATT profile, VPN support, API for Low Lag Cameras, New API related to Geofencing, etc,. As per previous reports, Microsoft should announce unification of developer platform with WinRT APIs across PCs, Mobile devices and Xbox One.

What do you think?

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