Windows Phone 8.1 Photo Hub changes based on Usage Data

photo hub

Many users have complained about the changes to the Windows Phone Photo Hub, which removed the list of 3rd party apps which registered as photo viewers or manipulators.

The new hub takes you straight to your latest pictures, and on Reddit today Joe Belfiore, head of Windows and Windows Phone, revealed that the change was driven by telemetrics from thousands of Windows Phone users.

He writes:

On PHOTO HUB … we changed the design because we got actual telemetry data on what people ACTUALLY CLICKED. By far, the most clicks when people opened Photo Hub were to go to the camera roll — and only .5% of clicks were to a 3rd party app. The re-design in WP8.1 addresses this, putting the FREQUENT task right up front and making the other tasks generally available but in a different place.

Joe posted the above picture, which demonstrated how little the apps list was used in WP7.5.

Do our readers still miss the old photo hub, or have you come to prefer the new app? Let us know below.