Windows Phone 8.1 Build 14203 fixes Russian Time Zone issue

Earlier this year Russia announced that they will be adjusting their time zones.

Microsoft released an update for Windows on September 23, 2014 to address this change, but  the issue remained unfixed on Windows Phone, despite the October 26th deadline coming and going.

It appears however, according to ex-Microsoftie Nawzil, and also Russian users, that the fix has been rolled into the Build 14203 of Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, which was sent out 3 days ago as a Critical Update.

The update has very few other new elements, except for enabling a new Battery Live Tile and allowing users to place a short cut for Battery Saver in the Action Centre, enabling 4G in India and allowing users to schedule their updates.

It is of course of note that while it is fixed for DP users, for the vast majority of users who are not on the DP there has been no fix yet, showing that the Windows Phone update issue has not really been solved yet.

Have our readers noticed any other new features? Let us know below.

Thanks Vladimir for the tip.