Windows Phone 8.1 Bing Podcast app detailed

podcasts-main get-pods

WinSupersite have had a detailed look at the new Podcasting app in Windows Phone 8.1.

The app will be Bing branded, like a large number of new Windows Phone apps, which opens up the possibility that the app may be available worldwide.

The app will no longer be dependent on the Windows Phone Store, but will search the internet via Bing for podcasts, and users will be able to add the RSS feed URL directly.

A brand-new and very welcome feature will be that podcast can now be played at normal, 150% and double speed, something which no 3rd party podcast app has been able to achieve.

As usual users will be able to pin, subscribe and favourite podcasts.  It seems likely these will be able to synchronise with a coming desktop app.

Podcasts will be separated into Audio and Video collections and users will be able to share podcast via the new sharing contract to Messaging, OneNote, NFC and more.

See more screen shots at WinSupersite here.