Windows Phone 8.1 app for iKettle developed


Yes, there is an iKettle, and its pretty awesome, but like most i-things it does not support Windows Phone.

The iKettle is a smartphone-controlled kettle that can be set to remotely to boil, or to wake you up with hot water ready for your morning cuppa.

It has auto-shut-off with boil-dry prevention, and will even alert you to when it needs refilling.1 av 1

All this sounded too good for Swedish developer Jimmy Engström to pass up, and he has developed a Windows Phone app to allow him to control it from his Nokia Lumia.  His app even includes Cortana integration, allowing him to boil his tea on voice command.

The app is not fully developed yet, but if you are an iKettle household you can already pick up the app here and get you tea on.

An iKettle can be purchased on Amazon for only £99.

See a video demo of the app after the break.

Read more at Jimmy’s blog Apeohlic here.