Windows Phone 7 Xbox Hub Must/Will Not Fail

Being in a special family we are all different, I love phones, my oldest brother loves cars, and my other brother loves games. The game lover just tapped my shoulder and told me of some awesome news regarding Windows Phone 7 Xbox live games (news that was already posted here). This news was quickly followed by a statement that went a little like this “Xbox still sucks though, I mean come on, they are losing all their exclusives like Mass Effect *coming soon to the ps3*”.

I thought it would be important to share my thoughts about WP7’s Xbox Live Integration, and so here it is:

Microsoft has many products. Being a software only company (for the most part), they have to do a lot of great software to survive. In 2004, Xbox could never stand against the PS2. In 2007, the 360 became the best selling full experience console out there (what’s a Wii?). Now in 2010, the iPhone is the number one smart phone gaming system, while Windows Mobile barely gets anything that has the word game in the title.

Microsoft always seems to have a fail before a victory. In their computer space, Vista (a major fail) was revived by Windows 7 (Windows 8 should be awesome). Game space Xbox was revived by the 360. Finally Kin One and Two will get a breath of fresh air, and it will be called Windows Phone 7. Through all their fails, they have managed to bring themselves back in to the game and take it over like they always have. The only difference is… Windows Phone has never really been focused on games, but that’s no problem Microsoft has a lot of Xbox experience to cover that.

Xbox Live on Windows Phone. Microsoft is pretty much putting something where it has never been before, and I am sure they are spending many hours, weeks, months, making sure it fits in. Like taking a house across town and putting it in a new location, you have to make sure the foundation is set. Microsoft has done that with all the gaming tools that they released to their general developers. These tools allow companies, and civilians to make games that will be added to the Xbox Live hub catalog.

Now why do I think they will succeed with this.

1. They already have many connections with game makers.

2. They have a huge bottomless wallet.

3. Windows Phone 7 developing software is said to be one of the easiest to use.

4. They already have great titles in line for release.

5. Their ads are already looking good.

Those are the five reasons why I think the Xbox Hub will keep its cool for a long time. Coming from years of Playstation background (playstation one, two, and three, not to mention psp), I can be called a Playstation fanboy, because I start fights just to do it (I do win many of them too). I have always said I will never in a million years buy something that has Xbox in its description, but it seems a million years might been coming a little faster than expected. I am already in love with what I see, and like many people that go on Eharmony dates, you only know what you see on paper, but will never truly understand what you are in for till you see it. I feel like it will be love at first sight (because I have been using Android of three days just to play NFS Shift, and it is very unresponsive at times), and trust me, I will be first in line to buy a Windows Phone 7 device just so I can enjoy Xbox Live, Flickr, Facebook, and Emails, All in one awesome device.

My thoughts are very scattered on the situation, but I think it is a success in the making and many people in America will buy it (if MS has a good marketing campaign).

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