Windows Phone 7 Will Get A Video Editing Software, Not Really From MS

Remember those days where our Windows Phone community did more work then Microsoft themselves? Well it seems those days will move on to the next generation mobile OS. The people that developed TrakAxMobile just recently confirmed to MobilityDigest that after much deliberation and conflict between going Android or upgrading to Windows Phone 7, they are now saying they will stay with us for the long trip down the road to greatness.

After much deliberation here in the office, we have decided to proceed with the WP7 – it seems to be picking up momentum and there is a good vibe about it. In the meantime, we need to improve our current offering, declutter some of the screens and generally get it to where we want it to be, so we have something really good to port to WP7.

This is good. We now know some of our good app developers are sticking strong with us and moving as we go into the future of mobile technology.

What do you think of the software running in the video, and will this satisfy your need for a video editor?