Windows Phone 7 update rumours–a Samsung Omnia coming to CDMA, no Compass API until second half 2011

MobilityDigest has unearthed some more details and rumours about the upcoming updates for Windows phone 7, and as with most things, it is a mixture of good and bad.

First, the good.

They note the announced “January” update will come in 30-60 days to devices, and besides copy and paste and CDMA will allow searching of only apps in marketplace, rather than a mixture of music, apps and videos.

Next they mentioned a Samsung Omnia device and the HTC Mozart (?) will both be launch CDMA handsets.  I suspect the Microsoft rep they spoke to may have been mixing up the Mozart with the similar-looking HTC 7 Trophy.

They also mentioned we should expect one to two Xbox Live titles per week, arriving Tuesday/Wednesday and that the initial launch allocation of 50 titles are  more or less exhausted, meaning we should be seeing new ones arriving each week.  We will not however be told what to expect, to “to keep the excitement up, balance the portfolio, and avoid last-minute delays”.

Bing will be updated in “a few months” to offer a better experience than iOS and Android, which will hopefully include voice navigation.

Now the bad news.

There are at present no plans to expand the functionality and features of SkyDrive integration, and the team are still “debating what direction” they are heading, which sounds like something heading to be killed.

Microsoft is also not expanding Xbox Live Achievements to regular developers, saving it for so-called “premium Xbox developers”, but this is no real surprise.

Lastly, an API update to enable video camera and compass access will only come with Mango in the second half of 2011. It also looks like in-app purchases will be have to wait till then, but in fact, the good news is that the ability to download game add-ons are in fact coming, which is new information, and I am sure will make many devs happy.

How do our readers feel about this mixed bag? Let us know below.