Windows phone 7 update rumoured to be coming in January, patch many holes


We know an update is coming for Windows Phone 7 “early next year” which will bring an implementation of copy and paste.

Now we have a rumour (from twitter of course) suggesting a date, January 2011, and also more goodies that should brighten the winter.

MS_nerd claims the update will also bring turn by turn voice navigation, sadly missing so far in Bing maps, possibly an implementation of app switching (but no real multi-tasking) and also better Skydrive/OWA support.

He also mentions that while Microsoft has promised copy and paste, the implementation has not been settled on yet, so there may still be a surprise in store.

MyMicrosoftLife also reports that Microsoft intends to address enterprise needs over the next few months also, adding a method for them to bypass marketplace and distribute vertical applications a select group of employees directly.

As usual, we will take these unsourced rumours with a large pinch of salt, but hopefully a steady stream of updates over the next few months should remove the main points of criticism that still exist on Windows Phone 7, despite the good user experience.