Windows Phone 7 update in “probably early March” says Samsung rep



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That first update for Windows phone 7 continues to recede into the distance, with the latest being  Samsung rep at a Microsoft developer event in France (Techdays 2011) replying to a question: "When will be the update for Windows 7 Phone? " with “Probably early March, we will confirm at the Mobile World Congress in mid-February. "

Rumours of a further delay due to carrier certification has started recently, but for a relatively good reason – unplanned additions to the update which may promise new features.

Of course it may also be due to Microsoft needing to ship extra security for developer unlocking devices, which is not exactly a good reason for waiting.

Either way some more waiting is in order, but then I am pretty satisfied with my handset as is, so it is not such a hardship.

Via, thanks Patouf for the tip.

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