Windows Phone 7 to support USB tethering?


15, 2010

Author Surur // in News, Rumour

Will Windows phone 7 support USB tethering?

For many business users hoping to move from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7, being able to tether their phone is one of the non-negotiable.

Now there appears to be some hope, with Richard Dudley, a developer and ComponentOne Evangelist claiming to have had official word that Windows Phone 7 will in fact support USB tethering, and that this will not cost anything beyond the basic data plan.

Richard had just been attending a FireStarter event hosted by Microsoft, which is presumably where the information originates.

Tethering has been rumoured before for Windows Phone 7, with Australian carrier Telstra specifically saying it was a feature they desired in the new OS.

See the tweet here.

Thanks Mobile Paddy for the tip.

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