Windows Phone 7 to launch in Canada at same time as USA, will be available on multiple carriers

At the Microsoft’s X’10 event in Toronto,  Microsoft Canada Mobility Solutions Manager Greg Milligan has again been caught on video being pretty forthcoming with the Windows Phone 7 info.

On this video by LazyReviewzzz Greg notes that the Canadian launch will be simultaneous with the US phones, with a line up by LG, HTC and Samsung, available on multiple carriers, unlike it seems the USA.  He however also go on to say Dell will be along before the end of the year, with other OEMs to follow in 2011.

Regarding the cost of the phones, as expected they are competitive with other smartphones price-wise, with the phones ranging from $99 to $199 Canadian on the standard 3 year contract there.

Any Canadian readers excited? Let us know below.