Windows Phone 7 to come to Indonesia in 2010, India not that lucky

Windows phone 7 coming to Indonesia this year still.We know pretty much when Windows phone 7 will show up in Europe and USA, but what about Asia?

According to the President of Microsoft Indonesia, Sutanto Hartono Windows phone fans in Indonesia will not have to wait long, and should still expect to see devices late this year.

“Obviously we are targeting later this year. But we can not be sure when exactly," he said while at a hospitality event for Microsoft on the 9/28/2010.

He expressed confidence in Windows Phone 7 in the 240 million strong country.

"People (in) Indonesia was pleased with the gadget, I’m sure (Windows Phone 7) will get a good response. We also add another attraction such as games and applications," he said.

He was however not sure if the phone will get Marketplace support in the country.

"Market Place has been there and now have two thousand applications, but for in Indonesia has not opened yet and we do not know when. That’s why we have not been able to target, because it all depends on many factors supporting this," he noted.

It seems prospective Indian Windows Phone users will have to wait a bit longer.  Our enquiries to Microsoft India PR was met with this statement.

“It seems India is not part of  launch wave so will be a while before we see (Windows Phone 7)phones in India"

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