Windows Phone 7 to come to Asia sooner than expected

asiaIt has been our understanding that devices running  Windows Phone 7 will only come to Asia some time in Q2 2011, due to the OS not being localized for the many languages used there.

However an email to LG Asia appears to contradict this.  They write:

Hi Pradeep,

The plan is the same as per announcement, for Asia we are also looking at Q4 for the announcement and as soon as we have the final date set we will definitely share with you.

LG Optimus 7 is one of our upcoming smartphone, one of a range of new smart devices under the LG Optimus Series label.

I will forward your contact with our local India PR team so that they will keep you posted of the launch schedules.

Hope i have answers your questions.


Yvonne Teh | Corporate Marketing Team 
LG Electronics Asia
8 Temasek Boulevard #27-02 Suntec Tower 3 Singapore 038988

The news is rather interesting, as it implies Microsoft is ahead of their earlier announced schedule, and it also increases the incentive for the Asian phone companies like Sony and Samsung to produce Windows Phone 7 devices, as it would allow them to sell the phones in their home market, where they are often very dominant.

We will of course keep our readers up to date on the roll out of Windows Phone 7 as it happens worldwide.