Windows Phone 7 to come as early as October 2010

Interview with Alfredo Patron about Windows Phone 7 Series from on Vimeo.

Above we have an interview with Alfredo Patron, Microsoft Mobility executive for EMEA, on Windows phone 7 recorded by our friends at

From the 10 minute interview, we can draw a few interesting point, such as that the release windows stretches from October all the way to December, that Xbox live cross-platform games will be coming, that all Windows Phones 7 devices will have the same UI, which OEM’s can “participate” in but can not extend.

OEM’s are expected to differentiate mainly in hardware e.g. higher megapixel camera and adding keyboards.

Another interesting point was that different applications may live in different “hubs” on the device, instead of actually extending the functionality of the hubs themselves.

Of course we can expect to hear a lot more at MIX10 soon, but at this stage we still appreciate every insight we get regarding this new and disruptive product from Microsoft.

Does anyone notice anything we may have missed? Let us know below.