Windows Phone 7 tied with iPad for 2011 developer platform adoption



Developers are abandoning iPhoneA survey published by Millennial Media of over 500 developers, publishers and advertisers read as great news for Windows Phone 7.

The first bit of news is that developers are diversifying from the leading smartphone platforms, with less developers developing for iPhone and RIM in 2010 than in 2009.  While Apple still dominated the pie chart with 30% of devs supporting it, this was less than a year ago, and  Android, iPad, Symbian and even Windows Mobile saw increased developer support in 2010.

As many develoepers plan to developer for Windows Phone 7 and iPadMoving on to 2011, the news is even better for Windows Phone 7.  It appears 20% of developers intended to adopt the new OS in 2011, which ties with the iPad, and is a great indication of the confidence developers have in the future success of the platform. Of course Android still leads at 29%, but compared to webOS, which appears will only be taken up by 4% of developers in the new year, represents a great victory for the new platform.

As developers increasingly diversify their supported platforms, we should see any advantage in sheer volume of applications on iPhone and Android increasingly diminish in importance, and make Apple’s “App for that” trademark increasingly irrelevant.

Read the report here (registration required).


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