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16, 2010

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image Well like stated last night yesterday was the last day for submitting your Windows Phone 7 thoughts, so today I will post all the remainders.

Here is one by a guy that seems to be very critical towards Windows Mobile, but its good to read and see what he says


Preface: I am the biggest Microsoft fanboy you will ever meet. I purchase and support everything that they make. I don’t know why I have chosen this company to follow, but I’m too invested in it to change now. I have been on Windows Mobile since the day 5.0 launched and have been exclusively using it ever since. The following comments I wrote nearly three years ago shortly after Windows Mobile 6 came out and was disappointed with the release. I have added a few updated impressions in a further below so you can see what has/has not change. Again, I am an absolute Microsoft fanboy until the day I die who has completely enjoyed using Windows Mobile and plans on buying a WP7 the day they are released.
Why I Hate Windows Mobile: (written in 2007)

My phone has a 400MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. In the year 2000, my mother brought home a new Gateway PC with similar specs that cost over $3,000. That computer could run 3D games like Flight Simulator and Mechwarrior without a hitch all while of course running a fully fledged operating system. Seven years later, comparable hardware is in my pocket running a very light OS that can’t perform the most basic of tasks without slowing to a crawl. Examples: The screen can’t rotate 90 degrees without a 2 second delay while a teen-aged texting phone like a LG Rumor can do it faster than you can blink. I can type faster than words can appear on screen, often having to wait several seconds for my message to appear. My pictures literally take minutes to load all the thumbnails, and this isn’t just the first time, it’s every time. There are a mountain of fundamental things that I can’t do without a 3rd party program or plug-in. These include adding a large photo caller ID that I can actually see, or browsing a webpage with the built in browser, reorganizing my programs and shortcuts, or easily searching for and installing applications. Now that I’m on a roll, I’m just going to rant to make myself feel better..

-Contact list is a joke. Terrible browsing, no customization, takes too long to pull up names.
-No easy to use basic photo editor to simply crop a picture or adjust coloring.
-Where are the games and why are they so difficult to find and install?
-When am I going to get Xbox Live integration even if it’s simply my friends list?
-Today screen is a colossal waste of space without 3rd party help.
-What’s the point of the ‘Windows Update’ link introduced in WM6?
-I shouldn’t have to wait for my carrier to release an OS update. I don’t wait for HP to do it for my PC, I didn’t even have to wait for that on the Gateway seven years ago.
-Where is the marketplace/appstore? This should have been launched with WM5.
-Automatic profile switching on WM Standard but not Pro?
-Speaking of, Standard and Pro don’t resemble one another even remotely. Where is the consistency other than having a start button?
-Why does having a lot of text messages or email slow the phone down so bad? And why does it take a lifetime to delete them?
-I don’t understand why the process of connecting to a new wifi network is so difficult and non user friendly.
-You know it’s getting bad when phone manufactures are shipping their products with 3rd party programs to do everything in their power to hide the OS.
-Where are all the WM friendly applications and websites? Facebook, ebay, KBB, ESPN..
-Don’t be afraid to make a full screen application or two. The start menu and soft keys don’t have to be on every single screen when real estate is so important.
-The soft keyboard is… I’m not even going to get into it…

Why I Still Hate Windows Mobile: (written in 2010)
As you can see in my view from three years ago, a lot of these issues are being addressed with WP7. However, that’s not helping me today. My views have changed a lot since I have seen what WP7 will be able to do, and it just makes me hate the current state of WM even more. Some issues that still remain and I can’t wait to get rid of….
-I am simply done with flashing ROMs… I always find that there is a small issue with it that can’t be fixed without a reflash and then having to restore all of my settings and applications and ringers again. Pass, I have better things to do with my time now.
-I am absolutely through with having to wait for my screen to rotate, or wait for SMS to open and close.
-I have put up with not having a 3.5mm headphone jack long enough.
-I’m done with having a different application for music, mapping, social, and four different web browsers. And of course the fact that these things all very rarely talk with one another which forces me to pull out my super stylish stylus to copy and paste information between them. I shouldn’t need to copy and paste when I am on the go…
-I am getting really tired of having this sexy looking device but be embarrassed to show it to people because of how it operates when it’s actually turned on.
-I hate feeling ashamed when my friends and family come to me with problems with their WM phones when I am the one who recommended it to them.
-I feel insulted to have several dozen games purchased on Xbox Live Arcade that I can’t enjoy on my phone made by the same company. Especially when it is constantly connected to the internet and has a screen with a higher resolution than a standard definition TV.
-On the note of television, where is the Windows Media Center integration? I shouldn’t have to copy my recorded TV shows to my precious memory card space when I have an internet connection that’s fast enough to stream it.
-I am finished with using task and memory managers. I use my phone on the go and when I need information quick. Having to close other open applications in the background so I can do my new thing is completely unacceptable.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea. And just to be clear, there isn’t a phone on the market that can serve my needs at this point. I don’t just hate Windows Mobile, I hate all phones right now.

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