Windows Phone 7 Thoughts: Adam


Today has been a very long day for me, but hopefully not you, but to bring it to an end, here is the last thoughts by a reader on Windows Phone 7. It was a good read, and I would recommend reading on.


Hi my name is Adam and I am a HD2 user, I have my personal email sent to my phone, I play ps1 games, read, check the internet, and do most of my social networking through my phone. I have been using a windows device for approximately 10 years now, and I don’t think that I could use another mobile that wasn’t based upon windows mobile in some form.

However, I can see the limitations of the current system, with a fiddly UI and a memory management that leaves allot to be desired.  Sense UI on my HD2 has put allot of the features that I use directly on my home screen, which has improved things, and the customization of the device is infinitely variable. This in my opinion is one of the strengths and weaknesses of the current system, but a consistent UI paradigm, that is carried across all aspects of the phone, and that is finger friendly is one of the main reasons why the iPhone is a successful (initially) consumer touch screen phone. In WM7 Microsoft are trying to do exactly that, produce a consistent UI framework, that is carried across almost all apps.

There have been complaints that in the current environment (with an app store for apple, android and the many others) Microsoft is starting off in a week position. However, many developers who code now, started with HTML, so they are used to developing UI in an xml based system with a top screen development ideology. Managed code is a blessing in one way, as all of the available functions and features of the language are documented, it is true that you don’t know what they are straight away, but it won’t take long to find them. And many coders had to start again, learning objective-c from the iPhone.

For those who say that there are not allot of applications being shown, please consider that developers don’t want to show off what they are doing in case their idea is ripped off and is sold at a cheaper price, live what is happening in the apple store right now. I am sure that there will be more innovative and exciting apps to come when the phone is actually released.

Overall I think that the consumer market that Microsoft is going for will benefit from WP7 and that the business side of things will catch up later, as they have already stated that they have that version in development too.

Please respect other views, and if you disagree say it kindle or better yet, until the 15th I am still taking thoughts by readers on WP7 or anything Windows Phones for posting or just to tell me how you feel.

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