Windows Phone 7 Thoughts: Dominik

image As I continue the train of thoughts the readers are sending in to me, this is one that I found very interesting, and I am sure you will also.


Hello, I’m the composer, musician, working in almost all fields of experimental and contemporary music, excluding ultra-commercial productions. I use technology to work and help my busy life. Mobile device is practically my second computer and this is what matters the most in my case.
As a user, I was long time Symbian/UIQ fan. I got WM in my hands right when UIQ platform collapsed and left me in the unknown field of other platforms. I’ve chosen WindowsMobile because it looked – in December 2008 – the most promising, most finished and complete with astonishing support from Xda-Developers. So I purchased SonyEricsson X1 and was never disappointed.
My thoughts on WM7 are mix of positives and negatives. Of course I’m really excited about the completely redesigned UI, which brings a really fresh light to the smartphone area, especially when everything around is so iPhone-style oriented and stuffed with eye candy to the extent that I can’t look at it anymore. It’s too much! Too many colors, shapes, icons. And most of the interfaces resemble to some extent Apple’s ideas, with some exeptions (SonyEricsson, HTC).
Microsoft’s Metro concept is awesome and so light for the eyes. It is also very functional indeed, with a very clear and logical structure. This is something I was waiting for and honestly the concept of scrolling through the bigger “sheet” is very nice and gives this “open” feel to the user. We don’t get overwhelmed with too many graphic elements. Menus and fonts also look just great.
The fact is however – Microsoft wants to follow blindly Apple in their strategy. I really don’t see a reason for that or maybe imagine there are two “bad” reasons: first is the stability issues they can’t deal with, the second one is to strictly follow the iPhone pattern in every area to emulate the huge success the achieved, including “security” issues.
This way I see – from the leaks and some materials available around – a platform which will be totally locked compared to the previous WM versions. I call it a “bad impact” iPhone made on market. Mr. Jobs says we should never think of multitasking and task managers etc. This means, people should be more and more stupid, not conscious and never really learn anything new in life. Instead, they should just follow a factory designed way of doing things. It’s a very destructive path in my opinion, creating millions of users who don’t really have a clue about anything besides flashy layers of UI.
The thing is I just don’t imagine myself using high tech smartphone without the ability to freely manage my content with file manager, copy and paste any text I want all-system wide, send/receive items by bluetooth. I can accept Marketplace as the only application center, however I believe it has only sense when I can uninstall and install apps also offline.
I’m afraid the development in the new UI will be accompanied by decreased “poweruser” functionality, which is the core of my smartphone usage. I would also like to see extended email or office functionality over current applications on WM 6.5, but this is yet to be seen.
I was really hoping Microsoft will push WM 6.5 to its limits, and redesigning UI will retain all those advanced functionality. I’m afraid this is not the case here, so I’m observing the situation with very mixed feelings. I’m not sure it will be my future platform of choice even if things look promising.

Please respect other views, and if you disagree say it kindle or better yet, until the 15th I am still taking thoughts by readers on WP7 or anything Windows Phones for posting or just to tell me how you feel.

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