Windows Phone 7- The Speedy built brother of 6.5

Just 4 years ago Microsoft thought they were safe from all the only two competitors in the game Symbian and Blackberry, but that changed with new development. Playing safe and not actually putting much attention to their mobile division. Microsoft got by years on the fact that Windows Phone was made for flexibility/function, and looks were not part of the equation… Until the iPhone was released followed by Android.

When these two mobile OS’s where released three years ago, they made a huge change to the way a Mobile OS had to look and work to survive in the market. They changed the table of smartphones as we know it because companies like Nokia, who skated by with Symbian because looks was not important, now could not go anywhere and had to start all over again. This change hit Microsoft as well, and so that leads us to WP7 – The speedy built brother of 6.x aka Microsoft’s recovery plan.

When people are talking about Windows Phone 7 now, they think… Wow why should I take all these not available at launch options over what is already available, and with many more devices and over more carriers. They think Windows Phone 7 has a 60% chance of failing in a world dominated by Droids and Apple, but I think about it in a different way.

I think Windows Phone is right in time to the party. I think now that the world is well integrated with smartphones, many might need a new device with more than just what has become the standard, an App store. They will say “hmm, I could go Android or iOS, and get their awesome Apps, but wait, Microsoft has something… And it has more?”. That is how I think Microsoft can get in this game a lot easier, with their name, their world status, and their integrations that have become the selling point of this new system.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google (but Bing is also good) are the top visited sites in the world, and are becoming an everyday part of our life’s. Microsoft has all of these integrated with their new device and more. With Zune Pass, Xbox Live, Flickr, Pandora, and just about all the multimedia addition a regular person like me uses, they could catch the market without those hourly commercials Apple does for their devices.

That is all I have to say about Windows Phone 7. The only thing that is left to make Windows Phone 7 get a flawless victory is simple the options that are supposed to be there, and companies making good looking, thin, and innovative devices for it.

Comment below and tell us what you think of Microsoft’s attempt at the world. Because as it stands, ill be the first to purchase one of these new devices at launch.